7 Signs Stress Is Ruining Your Life

Stress. It’s practically a 4 letter word these days. Everyone is stressed out, stress makes everything worse, and if we could just stress less out life would be so much easier. Or maybe you’re one of those that don’t even realize how stressed out you are, it’s become your new normal. You’re so used to be super stressed out that you don’t even notice anymore. Here are my 7 ways that you might be more stressed out than you think…
  1. You’re gaining weight for no obvious reasons. When our body is stressed out we hold on to everything and that can include weight.
  2. Your stomach hurts all the time or your digestion has changed. Lots of people put stress in their stomach so when their stress levels are high they will have more stomach pain, more acid, changes for the worse in your popping (some people go towards diarrhea and some people are more constipated.)
  3. You are having more neck/shoulder tension and probably headaches too. Do you ever notice in your day that your shoulders are under your ear lobes rather than down where they belong?
  4. You’re noticing some homicidal tendencies. This one is obvious, we all get more irritable when we’re stressed out.
  5. Your sleep sucks lately. Do you notice you’re having a hard time falling asleep, probably thinking too much. Or notice you’re always waking up in the 2a-3a hours. This is the time of the liver in Chinese medicine and the the liver is the organ of stress!
  6. Ladies only: your period is changing. Maybe you skip a period or have an extra long cycle, stress is likely the culprit.
  7. Your body is fighting you in general. Does it seem like everything is going wrong?  If it seems like your health is suddenly revolting, then stress could be the problem. It makes everything in the body worse.
Ok…now you know you are stressed out, what now?  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! I generally feel that the body has two ways to get your attention, a gentle way or a hard way. Don’t wait. Try things like acupuncture, exercise, therapy, dietary changes, or whatever else might help you eliminate Some of the stress in your life.  And once you have it all figured out, let the rest of us know…
Jana Royer-Morian