6 Secrets to staying healthy this season!

Which of you reading this blog, are tired of cold and flu season already!?   I know I am!
Every day I’ve got people coming in feeling like they are about to get sick or are already in the middle of it.  Acupuncture is a fantastic way of beating a cold whether its still threatening to take you down or already has you in it’s grasp. BUT what if you don’t have time to get in for a treatment or don’t know of any Acupuncturists in your area…what do you do. Well I wanted to offer some suggestions that work for me in staying healthy even though I’m exposed to stuff all the time.
1. Sleep!
Being a busy Acupuncturist and business owner I often have too much to do and my sleep pays the price.  I try for 7-8 hours every night and if I get less than that I start to feel run down which is like ringing the dinner bell to cold/flu bugs.
2. Stress less.
Ok let’s be real- anybody reading this who knows me knows I haven’t got this one figured out yet…but I’m pretty sure if I did stress less I’d have an even stronger immune system.
3. To flu shot or not to flu shot?  
Well, this one is a really personal choice and many different factors should come into play when deciding. Ask your MD to help you make this decision if you’re not sure.
4. Cover your neck!!
In TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) we believe that colds can enter your body thru uncovered neck and shoulders turning into what we call a wind-cold attack. Think about past colds…have you ever been super achy and stiff in your neck just before a cold showed up to kick your butt. Besides, who doesn’t love a cute cozy scarf in the winter.
5. Bring in the backup.
This is what I take and it works for me, you may want to run these past your healthcare provider before doing the same. As soon as the first cold victim shows up in my office I start the following regimen and rarely get sick:  a good multi-vitamin, 1000mg of Vit C, 50 mg of zinc and usually a B-complex everyday.
6.  Bring in MORE backup if needed.
If I’m doing everything right and I can still feel a cold coming then it’s time to bring in the big guns. I use something you can pick up at any Heath food store and it’s called Cold Snap. This stuff has saved me more times than I can count. It’s best taken as a preventative measure. I take 2 capsules every two hours and usually by the next day I feel fine again.
Ok with cold/flu season in full swing that should help you avoid most of the bugs coming your way. If you still get sick and you have an Acupuncturist you know and trust, then get in for a treatment and be ready to be amazed at how fast you start feeling better.

photo credit: William Brawley via photopin cc

Jana Royer-Morian