5 Laws for Choosing an Acupuncturist

Arvada acupunture

Are you thinking of giving Acupuncture a try but not sure where to start? You might think we are crazy for putting a list together that might tell patients we aren’t the best fit for them. But we are confident in not only what we do, but our desire to help more patients around the United States receive the care they need as well!

We’ve compiled this list for you to review and search for a practitioner that is right or you and your family!


Here’s an Acupuncturists’ guide to choosing an Acupuncturist.

1) Find somebody who is board certified!! 

Check out www.NCCAOM.org to search by zip code for an Acupuncturist near you who has been fully educated in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and who has sat for and passed their National Board Exam.

2) Check into your State Licensing for Acupuncturists. 

Most states regulate this profession (as they should) so it’s important to find someone who jumps through all the hoops to make sure they are following state laws.

3) When possible (and it’s almost always possible) find somebody who is a true Acupuncturist

HINT: look for initials like L.Ac, MSOM, L.OM, D.OM.  Although some other professions offer quick certificates in Acupuncture, they often only go though about 60 hours of training as opposed to a fully trained Acupuncturist who usually goes to school for 3-4 years and has THOUSANDS of hours of training.

4) Every Acupuncturist has different styles and techniques. 

Check out their website and reviews carefully.  Call the Acupuncturist and ask simple questions about their needling style, frequency of treatments, different techniques used in their office (herbs, moxa, cupping) and average duration of care for your health condition.  Although every case is unique, you should be able to get some general answers.

5) Find an office that is convenient to you in both location and office hours

If you are stressed out battling traffic, trying to get out of work early, trying to arrange for child care so you can get away, etc you should find an office that works better for your life so you can maximize your Acupuncture experience.


These simple tips should help you find someone who will work for you.  We think Acupuncture is awesome and I hope you do too!


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Jana Royer-Morian