INSPIRED BY LIFE – The most powerful story of ALL time

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This week’s Inspired By Life comes from a patient I treated recently and is one of the most beautiful stories I’ve ever heard. This woman was coming into Inspired Wellness Center for Acupuncture because of severe back pain. Now, I like to chat while doing a treatment, this is why so many of my patients become good friends… when you spend 45 minutes in a room with someone, you tend to learn a lot about them. This woman was relatively young (65 I think) and she told me that she needed her back to get better because she was going on a trip and wanted to be able to get around. Ok, I understand that, nothing extraordinary there. She went on to tell me that she suffers from a terrible form of Glaucoma (an eye disorder in which the optic nerve suffers damage, permanently damaging vision in the affected eye(s) and progressing to complete blindness) and was about 80% blind and doctors had promised she would lose the rest of her vision in the next 6 months.

-Let’s stop story time and really sit with that for a minute…

What would you do if you knew you would be blind 6 months from now?

What would you miss?

What would you want to see before it was too late?

Would you travel?

Would you spend all of your time with family while you could still see their expressions, watch them laugh?

Would you mope and feel sorry for yourself?

-Ok, back to the story. She was at a family function and was talking to her son and he asked the very same question I’m asking you.  What do you still want to see? She said she had always regretted never going to Spain but now it was too late, she’s “too old” (her words, not mine!), her back hurt and she couldn’t hardly see anymore anyways. Two weeks later her son called and said, “How would you like to go to Spain with me?” It turns out that her son took out a $25,000 second mortgage on his house and bought first class tickets to everything he could think of for the tourist who wants to SEE Spain. When I met her, I had only 8 days to get her feeling as good as possible and then they took off for 18 days to travel, shop, eat, tour and SEE Spain. I’ve continued to stay in touch with this woman, and the doctors were right, the “lights eventually went out” and she lost all sight. I’ve never heard her say one thing that sounds as though she feels sorry for herself, she is only grateful for the time she did see. The smiles, the tears, the destinations, the family, the sunsets, the rainbows… she said she still see’s it all and is luckier than anyone because she can see them whenever she wants to.

It was a powerful story and a beautiful message. What would you do for the ones you love if they were in a similar situation? When was the last time you took time to really notice the beauty of the world we live in? What is on your “bucket” list and what are you waiting for!!! Why do we wait until we have some kind of impending deadline to do the things we’ve always wanted to do. Let’s all learn from this family… be generous to the ones we love, accept and find gratitude in every situation no matter what. Let’s all get out there and do the things we’ve always wanted to do!

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Blog by: Jana Royer-Morian


Jana Royer-Morian