Do I Need to Detox? See Below for a Free Self Test

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Detoxing Self-Test
By: Gina Dane,Lmt, Clt, Cca

Have you wondered if you need to detox? How will I know that I am toxic? I’ve found a wonderful self-test that you can take to answer these questions. So take a few minutes and find out if you are in need of a detox.
Take the Cleansing & Detoxification Self Test
1.  Do you brush your teeth daily?
Yes or   No

2.  Do you use tap water to brush your teeth, make coffee, or drinks?
Yes or  No

3.  Do you have 1 bowel movement or less everyday?
Yes or  No

4.  Do you use household cleaners, cosmetics or deodorants?
Yes or  No

5.  Have you ever taken prescription medications or over-the-counter
Yes or  No

6.  Do you eat non-organic vegetables, fruits or meat?
Yes or  No

7.  Do you wear clothes that have been dry cleaned?
Yes or  No

8.  Do you eat fast or processed food?
Yes or  No

9.  Have you ever smoked or been exposed to 2nd hand smoke?
Yes or  No

10.  Do you eat in restaurants more than 2 times per week?
Yes or  No

Yes=1 point No=0 point
A score of 3 or higher indicates you may need a cleansing and
detoxification program.
Contact me at and I will work with you on reducing those points and detoxing your body. You can detox in many ways; massage therapy, raindrop therapy, lymphatic therapy, ion cleanse foot bath, etc. If you have any questions, I will be happy to help you on your healing journey.


Jana Royer-Morian