12 Benefits of Lymphatic Massage

Arvada acupunture
At Inspired Wellness Center, we have been using acupuncture, moxibustion and herbs (when we can) to help patients who have swelling or edema in their arms or legs. Whether it’s caused by surgery, poor circulation or a variety of other causes, acupuncture has a natural ability to encourage movement in the lymphatic system and help drain fluid accumulations.

However, there are patients who have been given stern instructions by their doctor to limit any actions such as blood pressure readings, blood draws or acupuncture on an arm because of surgery (we often see cases of lymphedema after surgeries to remove lymph nodes in breast cancer patients). In these cases we must include other therapies that can be equally effective on moving the lymph system but without the limitations. Lymphatic Massage is a gentle technique that works through the body’s lymphatic system to activate the body fluid circulation and stimulate the functioning of the immune and parasympathetic nervous systems. The result of these actions can include reductions in edemas, detoxification of the body, regeneration of tissue as well as many other benefits.

Lymphatic Therapy helps to remove proteins and waste products from the affected area and reduce the swelling. This helps reduce pressure on cells and allows them to reproduce faster to heal the body.

1. Reduction in edemas (swelling) and lymphedemas of various origins
2. Detoxification of the body
3. Helps to reduce sinus pressure
4. Regeneration of tissue, including burns, wounds and wrinkles
5. Anti-aging effects
6. Relief of chronic pain and soreness of joints and muscles
7. Improves range of motion where there is restriction
8. Improves the immune system
9. Reduction in the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia
10. Antispastic actions to relieve conditions such as muscle hypertonus and some forms of constipation
11. Deep relaxation to aid insomnia, stress, loss of vitality and loss of memory
12. Alleviation of adiposis and cellulite tissue It’s easy to see all of the benefits of Lymphatic Massage but if you are considering finding a practitioner in your area, be sure to do your research!

Gina Dane, LMT, and resident Lymphatic Massage specialist at Inspired Wellness Center attended the Academy of Lymphatic Studies which provides education and training in Lymph edema Management. They are the leading school in the United States for lymph edema certification training for health care professionals in Manual Lymph Drainage(MLD) and Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT). They provided comprehensive training (135 hours) in all disciplines of MLD/CDT. The certification courses exceed the requirements for national certification for lymph edema therapists set by the Lymphology Association ofNorth America (LANA). This organization sets the standards for certification of lymph edema therapists. Here is a link to find a certified practitioner in your area. http://acols.com/FindaTherapist.aspx

Jana Royer-Morian